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Why You Should Travel Solo: Advice from 7 Solo Female Travelers

To travel solo is to see the world  — and yourself — with new eyes. With solo female travel, you’re free to embrace your truest self, to meet strangers from around the world, and to un-listen to those words of advice from your parents, “don’t trust a stranger!” because you now trust your gut.

It is probably one of the scariest decisions of your life, but I’m willing to bet it will also be one of the best. The seven ladies below tell why you should embrace solo female travel because their personal experience has taught them that facing their own fear was 100% worth it.

And if you still need more reason to book that plane ticket and go off on a solo trip, read my “3 Simple Steps to Facing Your Fears,” or “The Other Side of Fear: What’s Next” or How to Face Your Fear to Teach English Abroad or, the inspiration for this post. 

These girls and I may not be experts on solo female travel, but what we have in common is that we didn’t listen to all those naysayers who said we couldn’t do it, or the ones who feared for our lives and our bodies, or the ones who’d reminded us just how scary the world really is. We chose to go and see for ourselves, and what we found was that….

You’ll discover the big, wide, wonderful you. solo travel

Solo travel brings out the happiest, brightest, unpolished kind of you that is strong, independent and inspired by life. Doesn’t sound like you? Think again. This version of you is in there, you’ve just got to set it free, and traveling solo is the way to do it.

Discover what you can’t live without. Ditch the rest. Find out what makes you happy. Forget what doesn’t. Understand what inspires you. Pursue it. Taking it back to basics allows you to see your life with newfound clarity and perspective; your energy blossoms, your confidence shines and your mind will reset.

You’re free to do what you love, go where you want and follow your dream – no one else’s.

~Sophie Levens


It will challenge who you are.

solo female traveler

One of the things I love about travel is how it challenges you. Not just problem-solving skills like how to communicate without a common language or how to navigate a city that you’ve never been to before, but how it challenges who you are. When you’re removed from everything and everyone you know, what remains? When left alone with just your thoughts, what do you think about? Who are you when all outside influences are stripped away? It’s lovely having a travel buddy and making memories on trips with family or friends, but this question can only truly be answered when you take the leap of faith and travel by yourself. 

~Amy Poulton 

IG: @amy_pagetraveller

You will find the silver lining in otherwise frustrating situations.

solo travel

Through solo travel I have gotten to know myself on a much deeper level. Travel will help you realize some of the qualities about yourself you’d like to improve, for me this is patience. Through traveling, mostly solo, to 45 countries I have had many occurrences where everything falls apart. Trains are delayed for hours, hostels are MIA, money and phones stolen, mysterious bite marks covering my body. Most travel nightmares you can imagine it, I’ve lived through it! Through these experiences I have learned to be more flexible with my plans and find the silver lining in otherwise frustrating situations. I would never trade any of the less great moments, without them I wouldn’t have any of my amazing experiences as memories.

~Lola Méndez

IG: @missfilatelista

You can run on your schedule.

solo travel females

While traveling with a friend is nice, you go to breakfast, lunch and dinner with that person. You sit next to them on public transportation. When you travel alone you have the chance to do these activities with new people that you meet along the way. Instead of relying on a friend as your travel crutch, spend some time in a place you don’t know anyone. You’ll be surprised at how many meaningful new relationships you make.

Also, when you travel alone, you can run on your schedule. Want to pick 5 tours in one day? Go for it. Want to sleep in till 12? Aside from room service, no one will be waking you up. It’s a glorious thing to do what you want when you want it without ever having to coordinate with anyone else!

~Jen Ruiz

IG: @jenonajetplane

You will have lots of “Me time.” 

solo female travel

Jamie uses a selfie stick to take a photo while solo traveling! Read a related article here.

This is my favorite reason to travel solo. Often times our day to day lives are filled with obligations, responsibilities, and just being plain busy. It can be difficult to rest and recharge when you are being bombarded by the hustle and bustle of everyday life. When you travel solo you get the opportunity to really let your mind relax and enjoy your own company. 

~Jamie Laird

IG: @jamiebethlaird

You will feel like you can conquer the world.

solo female travel

My main reason why more people should travel solo is that if you travel solo you will gain so much independence and self-growth that after you will feel like you can conquer the world. 

Traveling solo means that you only have yourself and your skills to rely on. You can truly see your potential when you have to navigate an unfamiliar country along with perhaps an unfamiliar culture and language on your own. Sure at times it can be uncomfortable but once you get past that and enjoy yourself abroad and see yourself doing things you never imagined you would do it’s extraordinary. In my opinion everyone should solo travel to a new place at least once! When you return from a solo trip you notice that your confidence in yourself has grown as well as the idea that you can do anything you put your mind to.

~Liz King


You will get out of your comfort zone.

solo female travelers

There are tens of reasons why you have to dare to travel solo, but the one that stands out the most for me is the difficulty of solo trips. Right, it might seem really scary or even terrifying for some to travel alone. But why to live if not for self-development? Why to travel if not to look for the best version of you? Being solo in a new place, probably in another country or even on another continent, where people don’t speak your language will put you so far from your comfort zone! Can you even imagine? You’ll have to learn how to survive, talk to strangers, ask them for help and advice, get out of unexpected situations! Think ten times faster, look for dozens of solutions and decide only for yourself and by yourself! Does it sound thrilling? It does. Does it look exciting? Definitely! Solo travel will give you a chance to start a new life, where you’ll be a more confident, open-minded and decisive person, who knows what’s best for her. It’ll set your mind on your future and clarify your present. It’s worth to overstep your fears and give yourself a chance for a better life.

~Diana Mirsaeva

IG: @diana_mirs

Have you thought about solo female travel but are still feeling scared? Leave us a comment below! 

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  1. Jen D. says:

    Love traveling on my own schedule-it’s by far the best thing about going solo. I really, really hate getting up early and cramming too many activities into my day.
    Jen D. recently posted…English Reading Tips for ESL/EFL LearnersMy Profile

  2. So many people truly do fear the world too much and fear for us. It’s nice to throw the fears away and take a leap. As a naturally independent person, I love solo adventures. Great post, Jessica!

  3. Olivia says:

    I think the main thing about traveling alone is to make sure you have all your paperwork in order, sufficient travel funds, and means of getting local currency since you have no one to fall back on. Also, pack light so you don’t look vulnerable trying to haul a big suitcase around.
    Olivia recently posted…Best Budget Trail Running Shoes of 2020My Profile

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