Grand Teton Park

My Upcoming 2017 Travel Plans

The Tetons in Wyoming

I’ve been depriving myself of travel lately.

You know when you go on a diet and you say you can’t have chocolate anymore?

And then you find a chocolate bar in your cupboard and you binge on the whole thing because, well, you told yourself you couldn’t?

Well that’s what happened to me with travel.

This whole turning 30 responsibility thing was getting in the way of following my heart (which we all know leads me toward adventure. Every. Time.). I told myself not to travel for the whole year; to just hunker down, grow the business; save money to buy a house; yadda yadda.

But that yearning came back. The same one I had before I first moved abroad to teach English in Thailand, back when I started this blog. That yearning that arrives, makes itself at home in my heart, and knocks, knocks, knocks until I get so annoyed I can’t take it anymore.

Last weekend I found my travel equivalent of that chocolate bar in the form of cheap flights, and I ate the whole thing.

What’s it feel like to book two plane tickets (and three amazing trips) in one day?


I feel alive again. Ready to conquer the world again. Ready to spread my wings and soar!

Okay, but really. I definitely feel more like myself when I have adventures to look forward to, and this year is not going to lack in that department. Here are my upcoming 2017 trips.

Oregon to Colorado & Wyoming Road Trip

Horsetooth Reservoir

Horsetooth Reservoir in Fort Collins, Colorado

One of my good friends from graduate school is getting married over Memorial Day weekend, back in the city where we both earned the right to call ourselves masters (of writing): Fort Collins, Colorado. It will be exactly two years since I left, and I’m excited to go back and visit. I’ll be staying in my old room, with my old roommate and her now husband, and revisiting all the places I love and miss while celebrating the love of a happy couple (well, two!).

Then, since I’m road tripping, I’m going to re-live the trip I took when I first moved to Fort Collins by revisiting Grand Teton National Park and (time permitting) Yellowstone for some early summer camping and hiking.


travel alaska

I took this on my last trip to Alaska. Aren’t they beautiful?

I’ve only ever been to the tiny town of Haines, Alaska and it left me desiring more. I’ve been thinking about planning a trip back for a while, and this summer it’s finally happening. The best part? I got in touch with a friend I met in India (we experienced the Maha Kumbh Mela together and have both written and shared our unique and fascinating experiences about it) who lives in Anchorage. She so kindly offered not only her guest room to me, but has also graciously played tour guide and host by letting me join her on a couple preplanned excursions. We’ll be staying in the brand new Ken K’esugi cabins overlooking Denali, then I’ll go explore Denali National Park for a few days before meeting back up with Ann Marie and her friends to backpack in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

Also, I’ll arrive just after the Summer Solstice on June 20, which I once heard means I’ll get to watch the sun touch the horizon and then come immediately back up. The longest days of the year means, in Alaska, not a touch of night. I’m excited for this incredible site!


I know, I know. I’ve been here so many times, why would I want to go back? Well, because it’s calling me. Again. When I first decided to listen to the yearning in my heart, I sat down and penciled out my options. The places on the top of my list were New Zealand, Iceland, Patagonia, Prague and…Thailand. I crossed Thailand off initially because I’ve been there, done that, but it ultimately won out. It helps that I got an incredible flight deal on Scott’s Cheap Flights ($430 round trip!) and I had to act fast before the deal would be gone. I didn’t even blink. My heart was leading me back all along. I’ll be spending the month of November enjoying Thailand, and the deal was so good that my brother and three friends decided to come along as well. It will be so fun!

I want to hear from you!

What are your travel plans for the summer/year? Any exciting trips? If you haven’t booked, where is your heart yearning for? Leave me some comment love. 

My Upcoming 2017 Travel Plans

Written by:Jessica J. Hill



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