Tourism Authority of Thailand Contest: Meant to Move to Isaan

Happy Tuesday! I have a big favor to ask of you. Below is an excerpt from my entry into a contest run by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The challenge was to write a story about the place in Thailand that inspired us most, and I wrote about Suwannaphum, the small town in Isaan (Northeast Thailand) where I first taught English at a government high school.

All I need from you is to click on the link below, and share it with your readers and friends. It has to be shared from their link, so the numbers will add up. The person whose story with the most shares wins $1,000! If I win (I admittedly need A LOT of help to do that), I plan to donate half the money in scholarship funds to Suwannaphum Wittayalai School, where I taught English.

You can help by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google + and/or LinkedIn from the contest site. Every share counts. Thanks so much!


Pussadee’s four-year-old daughter is running around the kitchen, carrying a knife larger than her two small

Buddhist temple in Northeast Thailand.

Pussadee and Baitong at a Buddhist temple in Northeast Thailand.

arms combined, screaming “Meha! Meha!” and giggling. I’m sitting on a bamboo floor mat, surrounded by piles of chopped vegetables and raw meat, all cut on the same board with the same knife, and now Pussadee is mixing them together.

I’m slicing a small pumpkin, which we will steam for dessert, placing each cantelope-shaped section into a clean-ish bowl beside me. I’m watching Baitong (Banana leaf), worried she might slip and fall and hurt herself, or me, as she runs around our cooking party in the center of the ant-and-dirt-infested floor.

“Umm…is she okay?” I ask, not wanting to encroach on Pussadee’s parenting, yet fully aware of the lax attitude that is the Thai way, especially in this rural part of the Northeast where I have been living for three months already…

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Tourism Authority of Thailand: Meant to Move to Isaan


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    Good excerpt, Jessica! Glad to share with my followers.

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