best destinations amalfi coast italy

The 3 Best Destinations on the Amalfi Coast of Italy

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If you were to ask someone about their holiday experiences in Italy the chances are they’d comment on things like the beautiful landscapes, great weather, delectable food and more. In other words, an Italian holiday can really be an incredible experience and picking just the one location or region to go to can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, there’s one region which manages to offer the best of what Italy can provide to travelers, namely the Amalfi coast. Below you can find three selected locations in this area that you might want to consider booking for your next trip away.


best destinations amalfi coast italy

Debatably one of the best-known destinations in Italy – let alone the Amalfi coast – Sorrento is perfect for a variety of different holidaymakers.

It boasts beautiful views of the Mediterranean, as well as the famous Mount Vesuvius in the distance. History is also a big draw with both Roman and Greek ruins and buildings to be found dotted about, that make for fantastic days out,

As it’s also quite a popular location for Italians as well, it has plenty of hotel options ranging from bigger resorts to smaller villas and town houses.


best destinations amalfi coast italy

Colorful and picturesque are just two words you could use to describe Positano. Much like Sorrento, this coastal location is another top choice when looking to visit the Amalfi coast and offers a similar array of qualities only on a smaller scale.

The beach is one of the biggest draws of Positano and is ideal for those looking to relax. There are also many places to each around the centre, with the seafood being particularly delectable – as you might expect!


best destinations amalfi coast italy

Last but not least is Capri. While this might not strictly be on the coast itself, the island still forms part of the region and is by many accounts an Italian paradise.

There are a few towns you might want to stay in on the island, Anacapri in particular is quite quiet and home to authentic Italian life and traditions. You can still find plenty to do around the island though whether it’s walking tours, or simply chilling out by the impressive harbour.

A final thing to note is that there are many more fantastic locations around the Amalfi coast just waiting for you to discover. Better still, you don’t have to limit yourself to one of the above options, you can of course head to multiple locations on your holiday if you wish, perhaps even taking a road trip around the region itself?

Whatever you choose, the Amalfi coast will almost certainly provide you with a fantastic holiday experience you won’t soon forget.

Have you ever visited the Amalfi coast? Where were your favorite spots? 

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