This Massage Smells Fishy

Would you care for a foot massage and a beer for only $3? What if I told you your massage therapist was actually hundreds of hungry fish and your massage chair was a board resting on top of the tank?

Maybe, if you drink your beer fast enough, you might change your mind.

Siem Reap was our meeting point, and what better way to catch up and relax after a long taxi ride from the northern border and a wild bus trip from the western one (Dayn came from Bangkok)?

We were all timid, looking down at a bunch of fish waiting to suck the dead skin off our calloused and tired feet. At first it tingles, then tickles and then, if you can stick it out long enough to stop looking at the hoards of open mouths swimming fiercely toward your feet and latching on, it becomes relaxing.

You might even want to order another beer.

This Massage Smells Fishy


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