things to do in barbados

6 Things to Do in Barbados

Whether you are going on a romantic Barbados holiday, or just looking for a time off from work, an ideal vacation spot can be the place for you to unwind. It is a good way to clear your mind of all the stress, work load, and burnout. Whether it is through playing golf or just wandering around, Barbados has a lot to offer in terms of holiday activities. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Barbados:

1. Swim at Dover Beach

Offering a relaxed environment, the south coast’s Dover Beach is located in Oistins, which is situated in Christ Church parish. Not only it is it suitable for surfing, there are also other water sports you can try, such as jet skiing, wind surfing, and Hobie Cat sailing.

For swimmers, Dover Beach has an area away from rip tides of the ocean where you can find waters that are calmer, and great for a relaxing swim. You can ride a bus to the city and visit restaurants or hotels located close by.

things to do in barbados

2. Go for an Atlantis Submarines adventure

Just the thing for families, the Atlantis Submarines adventure offers a journey, slicing through the ocean 130 feet below the surface. What’s more is that you don’t have to get wet or buy special snorkeling or diving gear. The view comprises of a wide variety of fish, coral reefs, and other wonderful sights that you wouldn’t get to see from the surface of the ocean.

3. Watch a horse race

You can sit back and watch a horse race while you are in Barbados. With tracks present in Garrison Savannah, an acclaimed historic site, there are around 25 races held per year.You can get a splendid experience, watchingthe Sandy Lane Gold Cup, which is the most popular horse race in the Southern Caribbean.

4. Hone up your photography skills at Bathsheba Beach

Time to put that camera to good use. At Bathsheba Beach, you can take photos of abandoned houses and rock formations that will make nice additions to your photo albums.

For people not into photography, Bathsheba Beach has Soup Bowl for surfers, a place that frequently hosts international sports competitions. The rock formations and the rough waters do not make Bathsheba Beach a safe place to go for a swim but you can always sit back and enjoy the view it has to offer, arrange a picnic for your family on holiday, and even fly a kite.

5. Visit Hunte’s Gardens

Owned by Anthony Hunte, who is a Bajan horticulturist, Hunte’s Gardens has a wide assortment of flora. But the place is not just limited toplants; you will also find monkeys, hummingbirds, and a dog belonging to the owner.

Hunte’s Garden is located in St. Joseph parish, around 4 miles southwest of Bathsheba Beach.You can visit it anywhere between 9 am to 4 pm. It is open daily, and requires you to purchase an entrance ticket that also includes snacks.

6. Dine in at the Atlantis Hotel and Restaurant

things to do in barbados

You can enjoy Barbados cuisine comprising of seafood and fresh local produce at the Atlantis Hotel and Restaurant. They offer Caribbean tastes you can relish, with a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean. If you are on a family holiday, you can take advantage of the buffets at the Atlantis Hotel and Restaurant, which are offered every Wednesday and Sunday.


Barbados is a beautiful travel destination, with wonderful water and picturesque sites. It’s a place you’ll fall in love with and the desire to enrich yourself with a hope to see it again is surely something you will look forward to.

Have you been to Barbados or are you going soon? 

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