Things to do in Barbados

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Things to do in Barbados

From wreck diving to caving, Barbados is one of the Caribbean’s best destinations for adventure addicts. Boasting an impressive range of natural attractions, world-class beaches, and some of the finest hotels in the Caribbean, a trip to Barbados is sure to be filled with excitement, adventure, and relaxation.

Read on to discover the seven most exciting, adventurous, and relaxing things to do in Barbados, courtesy of Royal Westmoreland.

Swim at Accra Beach


Pure white sand and pearl blue water make Accra Beach a great place to enjoy Barbados’ warm summer weather.

Accra Beach (also known as Rockley Beach) is one of the most popular beaches on the south coast of Barbados. Known for its modest waves and calm daytime water, Accra is one of the best beaches in Barbados for swimming and bodysurfing.

Located close to the Quayside Centre, Accra Beach is a convenient daytrip location, with food and local shopping always nearby. Snorkelling is possible at the edges of the beach, while windsurfing is popular at the beach during winter.

Dive to the SS Stavronikita

In the early 1970s, the SS Stavronikita – a great freight ship – caught fire close to Barbados. After three days at sea, the boat was rescued, stripped of any precious resources, and sunk just off the coast of the island.

Today, the SS Stavronikita (or Stavro, as it’s known to divers) is one of the finest wrecks in Barbados for experienced divers. The wreck, which sits 127 feet below the water, is accessible via a number of local dive agencies.

Bathe in the pools of Bathsheba Beach

Gigantic coral boulders and calm blue water are the trademarks of Bathsheba – a popular beach on Barbados’ east coastline. Bathsheba Beach is arguably Barbados’ most beautiful beach, boasting postcard looks and stunningly light blue water.

As well as its immense natural beauty, Bathsheba’s biggest attraction for visitors is its series of natural rock pols. During the daytime, water from the ocean washes up into the Bathsheba pools, where it heats in the sunlight and attracts swimmers.

Snorkel on amazing tropical reefs

Turtle in Barbados
Barbados is home to a rich and diverse underwater ecosystem, with thousands of species of tropical fish swimming around its shoreline. Snorkelling is possible from many local beaches, although boat trips are the best way to experience the island’s best sea life.

Visit Hunte’s Gardens

Located in Barbados’ dense interior, Hunte’s Gardens are a complex of impressive tropical gardens planted by Anthony Hunte. The relaxing gardens are a wonderful destination for visitors that have spent their time on the island’s hot beaches.

Stunning tropical plant life and exotic animals are easy to spot in the gardens, with a wide variety of local birds inhabiting the dense rain forest. The gardens are located a short drive away from most of Barbados’ major beach resorts and settlements.

Explore Harrison’s Cave

Harrison's Caves

Harrison’s Cave is one of Barbados’ top tourist attractions.

Harrison’s Cave is a truly remarkable attraction – an ancient cave that, after sitting almost completely unvisited for 200 years, became one of Barbados’ biggest tourist attractions due to its immense and unmatched beauty.

Discovered inn 1795, the caves were forgotten until two explorers stumbled onto them in 1976. Since then, the caves – which are home to hundreds of breath-taking limestone stalagmites and stalactites – have become Barbados’ most popular local attraction.

Play a round of golf

Warm weather and stunning scenery make Barbados one of the best destinations in the Caribbean for golfers. Most local golf clubs will allow you to rent clubs, making it no big deal if you’ve left your own equipment at home.

Royal Westmoreland, a private estate located on the west coast of Barbados, is home to one of the island’s best golf courses. Spend your morning enjoying the course, and your afternoon soaking up the sun on one of Barbados’ exclusive tropical beaches.

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