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Hoi An Vietnam

Faces of Asia

A photo captures the moments so often lost to memory. When I leave the house for anything out of the ordinary, I feel lost without my camera strapped to my […]

Colombian flag

Travel Colombia: 10 Reasons Why YOU Should Go

We’ve all heard the rumors, the ones from the U.S. government, from the Canadian government, from some European governments, that warn us not to travel Colombia. It’s dangerous, they say. […]

Travel Colombia

Motorcycle Tours are Hard!

For our last night on tour with Motolombia (motorcycle tour Colombia), we checked into a six-bedroom private mansion with an infinity pool running into the lush valley below, a valley […]

Elk in Yellowstone National Park

Road Trip America: Oregon to Colorado

I’ve seen quite a lot of Western America in the last two weeks. In fact, I’ve traveled over 1,500 miles by car and by raft, in what started as a […]

Pulau Perhentian Malaysia

Learning to Fish in Malaysia by Emily Luxton

It’s time for a Travel Tuesday Guest Post! Are you excited to hear from someone else? I am. Today’s story is from Emily Luxton, a London based photographer and travel […]

A Forgotten City: Angkor Wat

I woke with a startle as the sun pestered it’s way through the dingy curtains of our budget hotel room in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Something wasn’t quite right, but my […]

Pillows and Politeness in Yasothon

There’s nothing special about the small village Lonely Planet claims is home to the tireless pillow makers of the Yasothon province, but once again my encounter with the people who […]

Finding Buddha: The Temples of Thailand

I’m constantly amazed by how much the Thais give. They’re always helping each other out, be it time, money, food, etc., but their giving nature is most visible when it […]


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