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How to Spend a Weekend in Scotland

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How to Spend a Weekend in Scotland

From the beautiful historical buildings of Edinburgh and busy streets of Glasgow to the stunning scenery and incredible wildlife of the Highlands, Scotland is home to a wide variety of impressive attractions for visitors.

Easily accessible from anywhere in Europe, this charming destination is emerging as one of Europe’s best weekend holiday spots. Learn how to spend your next weekend getaway in Scotland, courtesy of the experts at Coast & Country Hotels.

 1.  Shop in Glasgow’s Bustling City Centre

There’s more to Scotland’s largest city than just industry and banking. Known as the UK’s second capital of shopping, Glasgow is the best place in Scotland to stock up on high quality products from around the world.
Glasgow Start your shopping tour of Glasgow in the ‘Golden Z’ – a shopping district that runs from the ultra-expensive Buchanan Street to Argyle and Sauchiehall Street. From big name retailers to local boutiques, this is Glasgow’s retail shopping hotspot.

Other great places to shop include Hope Street and Bath Street, which run alongside the main shopping area. These are great places to stock up on independent designer clothing and quirky products from local Scottish businesses.

While Glasgow may be best known for its commercial districts, the city has far more than just shopping to offer for visitors. From famous pubs to great museums, there’s enough on offer in Glasgow to fill a weekend – or an entire week – with activities.

 2. Relax in East Lothian’s Stunning Countryside

Impressive beaches, beautiful rural scenery, and some of the UK’s finest golf courses make East Lothian a wonderful break from Scotland’s cities. Easily to access by road from Edinburgh, the charming villages of East Lothian are ideal for day trips.
Dunbar - East Lothian Start your tour of East Lothian in Dunbar – a charming town known for its links to American conservationist John Muir. The coastal town of North Berwick is another great destination that’s easy to access from Edinburgh by road and rail.

On the way back to Edinburgh, stop by one of the East Lothian’s many golf courses for an afternoon on the links. East Lothian’s best golf courses are located near the lovely seaside village of Gullane, which is around 20 miles east of Edinburgh.

 3. Visit Edinburgh’s Historical Attractions

Scotland’s capital is home to beautiful historical buildings, a vibrant and diverse set of cultural attractions, and some of the best food in the UK. While Glasgow might be Scotland’s shopping capital, Edinburgh is truly its historical and cultural hotspot. Edinburgh, Scotland Thanksgiving 2009

Begin your tour of Edinburgh in the city’s Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site that’s made up of beautiful cathedrals, impressive castles, and more. Visit the world famous Edinburgh Castle and enjoy panoramic views of the entire city.

Other great attractions in Edinburgh’s Old Town include St Giles’ Cathedral, which dates back to the 13th century, and the Royal Museum of Scotland. The Old Town is also home to Scotland’s Parliament, located at the eastern end of the Royal Mile.

To the north of the Old Town, you’ll find Edinburgh’s New Town. The city’s shopping hotspot, the New Town is a great place to fill your bags with designer clothing, high-tech accessories, and charming Scottish souvenirs.

 4. Extra Time? Visit the Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s famous Highlands are home to incredible scenery and amazing wildlife, making them a great destination for visitors with their own vehicle and ample time to enjoy the countryside.
Highland Games Peebles  Inverness is the administrative centre of the Highlands, and a great base for making your way around the region by road. While difficult to reach during a weekend trip to Scotland, the Highlands are a great destination for extended trips and holidays.


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  1. Sarah Fuller says:

    Looks like fun! I’ve only ever been to Edinburgh and my favourite thing to do was the ghost walks, and Mary King’s Close. That and hang around creepy-looking graveyards.

    The problem is that half of the places listed are a bit of a pain to get to if you don’t have a car! Unfortunately Scotland isn’t well-equipped for public transport (although still better than Wales), which means us car-less folk tend to miss out on a bit.

    Still, plenty to do in the major cities!

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