Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Love

The Golden Gate Bridge rising from the fog.

San Francisco Love Letter

Dear, San Francisco.

We first met back in 2004, when I considered spending a few years of my college career with you. I remember crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with my family, and touring a less-than-impressive fashion school campus in the Financial District. I remember thinking you were cool, but you didn’t woo me.

Several years later, in 2012, we met again. I landed after eight months in Southeast Asia, and I stood on the street corner with far too much luggage, for far too long, awaiting a taxi. At least three drove right past me, refusing to stop. I did eventually see your good side on that quick trip, and I remember developing quite a crush.

I knew I wanted to hear from you again, but you played hard to get.

Golden Gate Bridge

Sailing near the Golden Gate Bridge

I wasn’t quite sure about you, and I certainly wasn’t going to wait around, so I dated other big players, like Barcelona and Bangkok. Butt when you invited me back this past weekend, you won my heart and stole the number one position for best city in the world.

It’s no secret, your charm. You twinkle under a mystic fog, your ocean shores dance with your rocky cliffs and then plunge back out to sea. Your colorful buildings line your hilly streets, often framing magnificent architecture, seemingly by design. Your famed bridge, the Golden Gate, protrudes through the clouds in a way that resembles the gates of heaven I read about as a child, and then holds still and majestic on a clear and sunny day.

Golden Gate Bridge


San Francisco Ocean Shore

You are small in size, spreading only seven miles by seven miles, creating a compact land of beauty and fun, a walkable distance for the ambitious. But you’re heart is large, beating with the lives of 825,000 go getters and tech savvy youth. And perhaps your best feature is the fact that you have many neighborhoods, each quaint and distinct. There’re the hipsters of the Mission, the preppy ones in the Marina, the hippies in Haight Ashbury and the less-easily-defined crowds of places such as North Beach and Hayes Valley. Together, your diversity is attractive.

San Francisco Ferry Buidling

The Ferry Building in San Francisco

Your restaurants are deliciously endless. Your nightlife has something to offer for all.

Needless to say, San Francisco, I love you. These past five days have been amazing. You showed me your famous spots, like Fisherman’s Wharf and Ghirardelli Square, the pink ladies of Full House in Alamo Square, a glimpse of Golden Gate Park, and a view of the entire city from the observatory located there. You showed me Ocean Beach and the Cliff House restaurant before a romantic walk around the shore on Land’s End trail. You showed me Lombard Street and you’ve taken me back to a time when cable cars and ferries were a primary form of transportation.

F Train San Francisco

It’s safe to say we had a fabulous time together. With all of this love, it’s unfortunate I had to leave, but I’ll be back. We’ll have many more dates to come, I’m sure, if only you’ll have me again.



Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Love
Written by:Jessica J. Hill


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  1. What a great read. So very clever; well thought out and entertaining! Your photos were excellent too. Well done!

  2. Jennifer says:

    You got some lovely photos of San Francisco. The times I’ve been, it’s been very rainy and chilly! I’d love to go back and have nice weather.

    • jessicajhill says:

      I got really lucky the weekend I was there, but the locals seem to have it figured that it’s clear in the mornings and the fog rolls in by afternoon. I think their late summer, in October, is the time to go!

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