relief bed air mattress

Relief Bed Air Mattress: Helping the World Sleep

Did you know sleep is the third biological necessity for humans, directly following food and water? Lack of sleep can have profound outcomes on the body and mind. That’s why, when I learned that Relief Bed was donating quality air mattresses to those in need, for every one that’s purchased by campers like me, I knew I wanted to promote them.

I’ve traveled through many countries, my own included, where the outstretched hands of beggars pleaded with my heart to wish the world a better place. I’ve bought food for some, given water to others, and once I gave my stolen airline blanket to a homeless man I walked past daily on the streets of Los Angeles, but rarely do I consider their basic needs that extend beyond food and water; never do I stop to consider where they may lay their heads at night.

relief bed air mattress

Waking up to this view at Three Creeks Lake was amazing.

And while I’ve only been forced to spend one cold night on nature’s hard ground, I can attest to the prevention of sleep it creates. I’ve spent many more nights on nature’s floor, separated only by my sleeping bag and a thin tent. I never much considered the necessity of separating myself from the ground more than that. On nights where the ground felt extra hard, or that one rock dug into my side, I allowed my mind to drift to the thought of how comfortable it would be to have an air mattress, but never for reasons of preventing the cold from seeping into my bones.

Last weekend, I took my new Relief Bed air mattress to Three Creeks Lake, where I camped with a friend for her 30th birthday. I unrolled my beautiful orange pad, and discovered it self inflates in the air. For two nights, I slept warmer (despite the 30-degree temps) and better than I ever have in a tent. The layer of padded air that lay between my body and the ground had to be the source. It also prevented the body aches I tend to have after tent camping, since I’m a perpetual side sleeper. One night I even found myself completely off my mat, awoken by the hardness of the ground in my hip and the noticeable drop in my body temperature, despite still being on top of two sleeping bags. In short, my Relief Bed air mattress was my savior.

relief bed air mattress

The Relief Bed is the full length of a normal-size tent.


  • It’s easy! The self inflating mechanism means no headaches.
  • It’s comfortable.
  • It’s easy to clean.
  • It rolls up for portability.
  • The built-in pillow is unique and saves space, but it’s optional to use it.
  • The company donates to “impoverished people in emerging countries, disaster victims, aid workers, and the homeless in North America.”
  • You can choose where to donate the second bed.


  • At checkout, you can buy a bed for $129, or choose the “Buy One, Donate One” option for $179. This is a negative in my mind because:
    • It’s quite costly
    • It sounds a lot less like a company donation to me, if it still charges $50 for a donated bed. Maybe it’s one of those “ignorance is bliss” things, where they should just charge $150 for the bed, and donate one for each purchase.
    • *** Since this review was originally published, the company dropped the price for one bed to $99 and the “Buy One Donate One” to $145.
  • Even rolled up, it’s a bit large for a wannabe backpacker like myself.

Relief Bed has donated 1,573 mattresses to date. If you’re in need of a new sleeping pad, I recommend you help them donate more. You can buy one online here.

relief bed air mattress

Feeling rested after a night of tent camping!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received Relief Bed for free from Relief Bed International as coordinated by Outdoor PR Gear Review in consideration for review publication. All opinions are my own.


  1. Mary Jane says:

    Personally, I also dont mind sleeping on an air mattress. I love to have one on my camping trip also. It is light and easy to pack and one of my must have gears.
    Thanks for sharing and please keep it up.

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