Top 5 Reasons to Teach English in China

China is a vast and impressive country, and is the leading cultural hotspot within Asia. You would never have any shortage of things to do there, travel-wise and concerning your job as an English teacher, because of its sheer size, and because the demand for English teachers continues to grow. Teaching English in China is a great decision. If you’re not quite there yet and weighing your options, consider this list of top 5 reasons for why you should teach English in China!

5) To Save Money

You may have heard that China has a low cost of living, and that’s because it’s TRUE! The important thing to keep in mind when considering your wage as an English teacher in China is that if you convert your wages back to your local currency, it may not seem like you’re getting much. But without the conversion, and considering your cost of living is more than manageable in this country, you can afford to save money. This may excite you if traveling is high on your list while living in China, or perhaps you have student loan debt to take care of. Either way, savings are possible while teaching English abroad in China.


4) To Achieve Second Language Goals

Depending on the program or job you choose, you may be able to learn Mandarin because it’s included! Having a second (or third) language on your resume from one of the leading countries in the global marketplace can only improve your chances of landing a killer job opportunity down the road! Even if learning Mandarin is not included in your benefits package or coursework, taking private lessons or beginning by learning online and practicing while living there are options, too. Plus, being able to communicate with locals and your students in their own language is fun and rewarding!

This Language Exchange Program and this Paid Teaching Internship in China both include free Mandarin classes (as well as accommodation, stipend, and other amazing benefits) each week!

3) To Feel Fulfilled

One of the reasons why choosing to teach English in China will serve you is because of how valued you will feel as a teacher there. Your compensation package, benefits, and/or perks just might make you feel like a rockstar! But what is exciting about feeling valued as a teacher is how that converts into great work. Because you know you’re being taken care of in your job, you can then better take care of the needs of your students, which increases your chances of feeling fulfilled in your work as an English teacher abroad.

2) To Travel

From the incredibly diverse landscape, to some of the oldest civilizations in history (hello, Great Wall!), you could never run out of fun activities to do in China! Expanding your mind as you see more of the world, and Asia in particular, is just one reason to get out and explore while you live there. But if you need others, add these to your list: The Forbidden City in Beijing, The Li River in Guilin, seeing giant pandas, Hong Kong, or The Three Pagodas.

reasons to teach english in china

1) To Have Options

As we’ve said, the demand for English teachers in China will continue to rise. With more and more of the population placing learning English high on their priority list, your chances of finding a job will also continue to increase. But it’s not just about the demand: it’s also the fact that you have more to choose from! There are no shortages of programs or positions listed in China, giving you the opportunity to develop your own list of reasons for teaching there, and then finding a position that fits your needs. We’re not saying the competition isn’t stiff (because China is awesome!), but the chances of landing a sweet deal with benefits, time off to travel, and decent pay are pretty high—if you’ve done your research.


It’s no secret that China has allure and appeal when it comes to choosing it over another country to teach English abroad in, but hopefully this list helps get you pumped for all of the opportunities just waiting out there for you!

I’d like to know: What’s your biggest fear keeping you from teaching English in China? Comment below!

Words by Jayla Rae Ardelean.


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