National Flowers of European Countries to Explore

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National Flowers of European Countries to Explore

Intrepid travelers like us love to discover the curiosities hidden in each one of the countries that we visit. We live with the suitcase packed. We like to know new things, learn about the world around us and feel like nomads when we are traveling. In addition to visiting the typical tourist attractions, when we go on vacation to a new place, we like to immerse ourselves in the culture, get to know the most common habits and traditions of their people.

For travel and flower lovers, it’s good to know the typical flower of every country. If we are on a trip around Europe and we want to send flowers home, or give someone a nice floral gift from their native country, here we have a little guide to help us find our way around.

The Red Poppy

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The red poppy is the flower of Albania, Belgium and Poland. Appreciated for its beauty and medicinal properties, in Albania its seeds are used for cooking, while in Belgium and Poland their meaning is linked to the times of war and the memory of the people who died in combat.


Flowers of European Countries

Several countries have lilies as their favorite flower. Decorating the coat of arms of the country, the golden lily is the flower of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The lily of the valley, with its beautiful shade of white, beauty and sweet fragrance, can be found throughout Finland, that’s why it’s its national flower. Liechtenstein has yellow lily as its preferred choice, related to happiness and joy, while Italy opts for the white lily, which represents purity. That’s why the eastern lily is also the Vatican’s flower.


Flowers of European Countries

Roses are the favorite ones, the most popular among countries. They’re considered the symbol of love and passion when red, clarity and cleanliness when white, and of delight, optimism and friendship when yellow or orange. Roses are the flowers of Bulgaria, the world’s largest exporter of rose oil and other products made with rose petals, such as jam. In England, the so-called War of the Roses that confronted the Royal House of Lancaster (red rose sign) and the Royal House of York (white rose century) made of this flower a national icon. It’s also the flower of Luxembourg or Slovakia.


Flowers of European Countries

Other common flowers are the carnation, typical of Spain, Slovenia and Monaco, or the tulips of Netherlands, Turkey and Hungary. Knowing these particularities is a good thing, because in an increasingly urban and automated world, it’s nice to get in touch with nature from time to time.

Perhaps on your next trip to Europe you’ll pay a little more attention to the varied flowers around the region and even be able to identify which ones are the highlight of a certain country.

What’s your favorite flower? Does your city, state or country have a designated flower? 


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  1. Tadej says:

    Hello, I can confirm that carnation is Slovenia’s national flower. It is a common flower on women”s window shelves, especially in mountain area of the country.

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