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Staying Out of Trouble: Modern Wilderness Survival Apps and Gadgets

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Staying Out of Trouble: Modern Wilderness Survival Gadgets and Apps

The outdoors is a grand jungle gym for people of all ages to explore. However, there’s plenty of opportunity to attract bumps and bruises if one does not use precaution. Or, in the digital age, it would be wise to access a number of apps that help travelers stay out of trouble. Download the following survival apps and purchase the following gadgets to ensure you’ll stay out of trouble when exploring Mother Nature:

All Trails

wilderness survival app

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The app is fantastic for those who like biking, hiking, and walking through the wilderness. Get access to more than 50,000 trails spanning the nation. View topographic maps, read reviews of others and plan your trek before you get there. Do you want to put your own stamp on a location? Use GPS to track your trails.


Similar to All Trails, Caltopo lets you download offline topographic maps so you can always know where you are, and how to get out.


Ramblr is kind of like a blogging platform for outdoor types. Upload pictures, video, and audio clips. Also, it’s an opportunity to compete against yourself. Track stats related to trails, see where other users are going, and record all data from each trip.


wilderness survival app

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Cairn ensures others are aware of your intended adventures. Secondly, it gives you information about areas that have strong phone signals. It would be foolish to head out to the wilderness without letting others know of your intentions. You’ll never have to be nervous about venturing into an area with shaky phone reception.

Weather Live

You can use this app instead of thermometer readings that could be wrong. Get the latest in weather forecasts and avoid surprises. Detailed data reveals the temperature, precipitation, and winds. Get the local weather or check locations on your list of upcoming adventures.

Windburner Stove System

This design does what’s needed outdoors. The strong burner is wrapped inside the design to ensure a quick boil for that much needed morning coffee or well-deserved meal. The lid features a hole so you can strain the excess liquid, and the bowl is detachable so you can chow down once the food is ready.


wilderness survival apps

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Who says you can’t have some fun with insects? The gun propels a stream solution of table salt and water to eradicate your bug problems. Obviously, it’s a great way to get the kids involved in settling the campground and having some fun too.

Inflatable Pillow

Keep your head and neck supported while you drive in the car or sleep on the ground. It easily fits in your backpack or camping bag. The ergonomic design makes campers happy they made at least one decision that didn’t result in them ‘roughing it.’


wilderness survival apps

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You need to apply sunscreen, even when it’s cloudy. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends everyone wear broad spectrum, water resistant sunscreen with at least 30 SPF. Look for a brand that will be gentle on the skin and pores without leaving you susceptible to the sun’s harmful rays. Try a physical (as opposed to chemical) one made with zinc for quickest, longest lasting results. Learn more here.

30-Day Lantern

The name says it all. The 1.4 watt LED lights can burn on a single set of batteries for 30 days. The bright light can be seen from over 75 feet away, and it’s durable and ready for treks and accidental impact.

So next time you head out into the wilderness, make sure you’re prepared with these wilderness survival apps and gadgets so you can fully enjoy your time outdoors.

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