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Guest Post: Lesser Known Casinos Worth Visiting While Traveling Europe

Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco

*This post was written by Kian Weston who is a freelance writer. All photos are courtesy of WikiCommons.

Lesser Known Casinos Worth Visiting While Traveling Europe

Although Las Vegas and resorts in the Far East like Macau tend to be the first places that people think of when they are looking for great casino gaming, it would be wrong to rule out Europe as one of the best destinations to gamble. Though there are thousands of casinos in Europe, including more popular ones like the Casino de Monte Carlo in Monaco (featured above), and the Casino Lisboa in Portugal, the following three examples demonstrate some of the lesser known ones worth visiting while traveling Europe.

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Casino Berlin Alexanderplatz – Germany

Berlin is a wonderful city to visit for so many reasons, with this marvellous casino being one of them. Admittedly the Casino Berlin in Alexanderplatz is not the biggest Berlin casino, but the 195 slot games — alongside roulette and blackjack on the tables and the three cash-poker tables — should please most tastes. Furthermore, Alexanderplatz, where this casino is located, is the most exciting area of the city with the best shopping, entertainment and cultural options.

Aviation Club de France – France

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Paris, France

Just like Berlin, Paris is a city of dreams for most people, giving any casino located here a real head start. The Aviation Club de France is not a big, public casino – instead it is a classy private club offering exclusive gambling for patrons. It has been a Parisian fixture since 1907, near to the Arc d’Triomphe, and offers probably the best poker tournaments in France for lovers of that game. Aside from that you can also play baccarat and blackjack here, as well as soaking in the elegant atmosphere of the place.

Casino Barcelona – Spain

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Barcelona, Spain

This is a much larger casino in the spectacular Catalan city of Barcelona, in the south-east part of Spain. You will find every kind of casino game you could want to play – including a massive number of slot machines and video slots – as well as electronic roulette, which is surely meant in response to iPhone casino sites. You could probably spend all of your stay in this casino, but if you do decide to venture farther afield, Barcelona offers an abundance of historic, cultural and entertainment attractions – as well as brilliant beaches for catching some sun.

If you happen to find yourself traveling through Spain, France and/or Germany, you won’t want to miss a good time at any of the above casinos, and many more. If you’re an avid gambler, you won’t want to rule Europe out of your travel plans.

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