Teach English in Thailand

Introducing Teach English: ESL – TEFL Certification & Job Placement

I’m so excited to finally reveal the new site I’ve been working hard on for several weeks now: TeachEnglishESL.com.

I’m the proud owner of a new website baby, where my goal is to help YOU teach English abroad. I’ve partnered up with some amazing and reputable folks, and am now certified to sell TEFL/TESOL certificates (online, Chicago and Bangkok locations), as well as provide guaranteed job placement in both Thailand and China.

I wanted to start this business because:

  • I think everybody should have the opportunity to teach abroad. I receive lots of emails from readers interested in getting a TEFL certificate or teaching English overseas, but not knowing where to start, or how to decide, or simply just to ask questions about the places I’ve been. I was in their shoes when I first started out, sending emails to anyone I could to quiz them in the same way. I’ve answered every one of their emails with honesty and genuine excitement for the adventure my readers are about to embark on, and I want to continue to do that. But instead of directing you to someone else, I want to keep your business.
  • The agency I signed with told me a lot of lies, and I was mad about it. Yes, they got me a job. Yes, I fell in love with Thailand. And yes, I walked away from the experience with more than I ever could have imagined going in, but that didn’t stop me from feeling bitter about their unnecessary lies. I want to do it better – honestly. The truth is, there’s really nothing about this life-changing opportunity that needs to be covered up with untruths. Nobody interested in moving to Thailand or China, or wherever, expects it to be a path paved in gold. It’s not always going to be easy, and it probably wouldn’t be worthwhile if it were. It won’t make you a lot of money, either, but it will make you rich with experience.
  • I want to make money from a business that allows me to travel, since I’m being honest. I’m hoping this endeavor will firstly help put me through graduate school (I’m off to Colorado in a couple weeks, eek!), but then earn me enough to supplement my own future teach abroad experiences. Next summer, I’m hoping to make it down to Latin America (I’ll go anywhere), and this is the most logical way I know how to do it. But that doesn’t mean my heart isn’t in it.
  • I want to talk to you. I love meeting people, but especially ones who are interested in teaching English abroad because I know how much of an impact it can have on a curious mind. I’ve been there. I received my own TEFL certificate online, back when I was in a huge rut and felt lost for what to do with my life. My mom even paid for it, and it’s probably the best gift I’ve ever received. I taught English in both Thailand and China, so I know what it’s like. I’m willing to answer any questions you have, and I want to help inspire you to follow through with your goal because I know it will probably be the best decision you’ve ever made. And if I’m wrong, you can tell me about that too.

So what are you waiting for? Check out Teach English: ESL now!

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P.S. The site is still in development stages, and will likely grow and improve over the coming weeks, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you! Please bear with me, and let me know what you think.

Teach English in Thailand

Teach English in Thailand


  1. James says:

    Wow. Ambitious, Jessica! Hope it all works out!

  2. Great site!! Good luck with it…

  3. Nitin says:

    Congratulations and Good luck 🙂

  4. Jennifer says:

    This is another great example of location independent jobs! Good luck with your new business!

  5. Taylor says:

    Hi Jessica!
    I am planning on teaching abroad next year (possibly Thailand) and am overwhelmed with research! What made you decide to take the class online instead of on-site?

  6. Ken Rapp says:


    I have a client who’s daughter is a Senior in High School. She wants to teach English as a Second Language,, and has already chosen Thailand as her chosen destination.

    Are there any companies that offer scholarships towards college IF she agrees to teach for them when she gets done. In addition do any want interns while they are completing their 4 year degree.

    She is most interested in attending Messiah College in Mechanicsburg PA and part of the 4 year degree includes the TESLA certification.

    • jessicajhill says:

      Hi, Ken!

      It sounds like your client’s daughter has some very exciting plans! I’m not familiar with any positions that would offer college scholarships, but it’s possible to gain internship credits for certain programs. GoAbroad.com has great resources for both scholarships and internships, so I’d recommend starting there. Also, if her university has a TEFL certification, they should have lots of suggestions for her. Sorry I’m not more help!

  7. Ken Rapp says:


    Ken again. TEFL certification.

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