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Honeymoons to Cancun: Top 3 Excursions

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Honeymoons to Cancun: Top 3 Excursions

Whether you’re planning ahead and your big day isn’t for a couple of years, or it’s a mere few months away, there’s never a better time to start planning your honeymoon than now! While many lovebirds may choose to head off on a honeymooner package deal, you can often expect to pay through the nose for holidays with that sort of label. Instead, take a look at the various package holidays to exotic and unforgettable destinations, such as the all-inclusive Cancun holidays, and get more bang for your buck.

While the beaches of Cancun are, understandably, one of the major draws for holidaymakers, there are also plenty more incredible sights and attractions to enjoy that are an excursion or day trip away. Even as honeymooners, the taste for adventure can be a little too tempting, and while it would be fair to say many honeymooners are happy to relax on the beach celebrating their love for eachother, what’s the harm in a little exploration too? Here are three of the best Cancun excursions that will add another angle to your picture-perfect honeymoon.

1. The Mayan Ruins

These would probably take up a couple of days of your honeymoon on their own, potentially more if you choose to see as many of them as possible. The Mayan ruins found in Mexico are one of the major reasons why tourists visit the country year after year and can be found scattered across the Yucatan peninsula and beyond. Whether you choose to see the popular highlights, such as Chichen Itza, Tulum and Coba or you’d prefer to venture off the beaten track to find the less popular ruins, there’s plenty for you to get your teeth into.

2. Scuba Diving


The coral sea that surrounds Cancun is ideal for snorkelling and diving, which can be an incredibly rewarding experience as part of your honeymoon celebrations. Head over to the paradise island of Cozumel for some awe-inspiring dive opportunities, too.

3. The Natural World

The lush rainforest and secluded coves along the Mayan Riviera are simply breathtaking, and with an abundance of biospheres and ecoparks available, including Xcaret where you can swim with dolphins and get closer to nature, if you’re a lover of the natural world, you’re in the right place.

Don’t forget to incorporate some romance and alone time into your honeymoon – after all, the reason for the trip is to celebrate your love for eachother! After that, anything goes!


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