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Top 10 Hikes in India for Solo Female Travelers

Anyone who has explored India will know it is a place of hidden treasures, rich culture and magnificent landscapes. Most people don’t consider hiking when traveling to India, but I’m here to change that. India has a plethora of high-altitude towns — locally known as hill stations — from where one can discover amazing hiking spots. Many solo travelers who visit India only explore the popular destinations like Agra and Jaipur, but to do so is to miss out on all the beautiful mountainous places India has to offer.Below are my ten favorite hikes in India that I’ve personally deemed safe for solo female travelers, and where I’ve witnessed both Indian and international tourists on the trail. If you’re planning to go for more than a day trip, or if you’re uncomfortable hiking in foreign lands by yourself, I recommend hiring a hiking guide to assist you.

1) Triund

Triund is a place lying in Dharmshala/Meclodganj of Himachal Pradesh. The hike is fairly simple with the option of either returning the same day or camping overnight.

There will be no problem if a solo woman traveler wants to hike here alone only because there are many trekkers going here every day. Plus, the path is clearly defined to this place. The view from here is mesmerizing and in here, one can see the best sunset.

2) Khaliya Top – Munsiyari

Hikes in India

Musiyari is a place known for its snow caped peaks that are shaped in five pointed triangles – Panchchuli Peaks. This place lies in Uttarakahnd. Tourists specially hike to here to see these peaks even better. The name of the hike is called Khaliya Top and is a fairly short and simple hike amidst the mountains.

Since the path is not clearly defined it is always better here though to take a local along.

3) Kheerganga

Kasol and Kheergangna is a paradise for international tourists. One can find many Israelis here and Indians love this place.

The most common hike here is the one of Kheerganga. Travelers were previously allowed to camp here, however since the numbers of tourists increasing the camping here has been banned. However, you can enjoy the pleasure of hot spring here after hiking for 3-4 hours and return back the same day and stay in Kasol instead.

4) Matheran

Matheran is a quaint place lying in Maharashtra, near Mumbai. Here, vehicles are not allowed to go, hence one has to hike on a clearly defined path amidst the forest area.

There are horses as well which can be used to reach to this place.

5) Kedarkantha

Hikes in India

Kedarkantha is a core trek which takes 3-4 days to complete and reach the summit. It is better to go with a trekking community here and many solo female travelers sign up with a travel agency who keeps organizing treks to this place.

It is a perfect trek during the winters where one can see snow laden mountains ranges of the upper Himalayas.

6) Prashar Lake

Prashar Lake is one of the least explored places and the mystical lake lying right in the middle of the mountains is truly breathtaking. It also has a temple right beside the Lake and if one wants to spend a night here, they would have to pitch tents.

Many families take buses directly to the lake, however, there is also a hiking spot from middle of the forest.

7) Auli

Auli is a skiing paradise, as well as for those who want to hike here. It lies in the upper regions of Himalayas and from here several high end peaks like Nanda Devi is visible. One can take several hikes from this place and one of the famous ones is Kuari Pass trek. During this trek, you will cross meadows and alpine streams.

8) Dhankar Village

Hikes in India

Dhankar Lake lies in the Dhankar Village of Spiti Valley. It lies at an altitude of 4,200 metre and the lake is right in the middle of the snow caped mountains.

The hike is fairly easy and takes about half an hour from the Dhankar Village to reach here. Spiti is also considered safe for solo woman travelers as the locals here are very helpful and go out of their way to help the tourists.

9) George Everest – Mussoorie

Hikes in India

Mussoorie is the most sought after trips Indians take, especially during the weekends. George Everest is one of the go to places in Mussoorie and to reach here one has to hike for an hour.

This place is really peaceful and quiet with Tibetan flags stretching from one corner to another. The specialty about the name is that Sir George Everest who was surveyor general of India was responsible for completing Trigonometric Survey of India and thus, a tribute was made for him.

10) Winch Camp

Hikes in India

Winch Camp can be reached by using two routes – either through Joginder Nagar or from Barot. There is a railways haulage that stretches from Barot to Joginder Nagar and crosses Winch Camp.

All you have to do is follow this rail haulage reach to Winch Camp. You can also camp here and do not miss out on both the sunrise and sunset at this place as both of them are breathtaking.

However, since this place is still new and less tourists go to this place it is better to go with a trekking community and many agencies keep organizing hikes to this place. Else, another option would be to contact a local and ask him the best route possible for the hike, watch the sunset and come back the same day.

Words and images provided by Radhika Sharma, who has been a travel blogger avid YouTuber & an IG influencer for the past two years. He is based in New Delhi and is the co-founder of the blog Nomllers. You can find more of his work on YouTubeInstagram and Facebook.


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    I have been to Winch Camp. Very tranquil place and the hiking experience was unforgettable.

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