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Help Go Abroad

If you have the desire to travel abroad, you should probably fulfill it. A life lived ignoring that feeling will only lead to regret, but I promise you will never regret a camel safari in India, or a motorcycle tour in Colombia, or even a stroll through Yellowstone National Park.  Ignoring your own passions cannot be healthy for the soul.


A view from Colombia

One of the reasons so many people choose not to listen to their own intuition telling them to go! be free! be adventurous! see the world! is fear. Fear consumes so many of our lives, to the point that we can’t even get off the couch, let alone on a plane. But fear is only a wall our society has built through the media and urban legends and second-hand stories. Fear is a cement block, meant to lock you down and keep you from moving in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes, the fear stems from not knowing where to start, and that’s where this post comes in. There are so many websites for information, jobs, internships, blogs, etc, that one only needs to start somewhere, arm herself with the correct information, start making decisions, and then JUST JUMP INTO THE UNKNOWN.

Luang Prabang Waterfall

A waterfall in Luang Prabang, where we swung into the pool from a tree rope.

If you’re looking to get started teaching English abroad, then my agency, globalU, is a great place to start. However, if you’re looking to go elsewhere, or you want to work abroad in a different capacity, or find a volunteer position in a sustainable development work camp, for example, or an adventure and volunteer program in Nepal, then the new could be your answer. It’s a resource for anyone looking to go abroad, with job listings (meaning paid, volunteer and internship programs) as well as a blog where writers with experiences from all over the world chip in their advice to the rookies out there who are struggling to get started.

HelpGoAbroad offers the following travel options:

Study Abroad

If you’re still in school and looking for a way to explore the world as your classroom, studying abroad is a great way to get an education in a different realm. If you want to learn another language, HelpGoAbroad has listings for language schools around the world, plus a list of institutions that make it possible for you to earn your entire degree abroad. If you’re still in high school and hoping to do a semester overseas, you can find that there too.

Intern Abroad

Whether you want to gain experience in a specific field, or just to see if working abroad is for you, check out the Internship listings to find an ample amount of resources available to you. Primarily, HelpGoAbroad has recently formed a partnership with GI2C, which is an International Internship scheme for graduate students looking to gain experience in China’s top cities, Shanghai and Beijing.

teach english in Thailand

Thai preschoolers dancing Gangnam Style

Work Abroad

As mentioned above, you’ll find teach abroad opportunities under this category, as well as a long list of other overseas jobs, such as administration and business positions, and various travel opportunities. If you aren’t yet TEFL/TESOL certified, you can find a program that’s right for you, and then return to HelpGoAbroad to find the job of your dreams.

Volunteer Abroad

If the contractual commitment for the other categories scares you, or you’d just rather volunteer you time to a good cause, HelpGoAbroad is a database for opportunities to work with wildlife, bat conservation, teach English or child care, to name a few.

Become a part of the community!

You can join the HelpGoAbroad community by signing up for a free account and you’ll be able to apply directly the the overseas scheme of your choice! As a member, you can also write for the HelpGoAbroad blog about your own experiences, and participate in discussions with other members and soon-to-be fellow travelers.

Imagine yourself helping out on a farm in Argentina, or washing elephants in Thailand, or interning in the world’s fastest growing nation, China. With Help Go Abroad, you can do just that. No matter what stage of life you’re in, if that pesky little voice in your head tells you your life won’t be fulfilled without taking a risk, exploring, learning about the world, then it’s time you listen.

A highway in Central Oregon.

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