Grand Canyon: A Must Place to Visit

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Our planet is full of so much beauty that we owe it to ourselves to explore it and experience the glory as much as possible. Traveling and exploration is the essence of the human spirit.
It is said, “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page.”

It’s a lot easier to access the Grand Canyon than some of the others, like Mount Everest, the Paricutin Volcano, and the Great Barrier Reef!

Exploring the world opens you up to new experiences and can often be one of the most rewarding things you do in life. Having a chance to experience one of the seven natural wonders of the world should be at the top of your list!

➢ Grand Canyon is ranked as

• #1 in Best Places to Visit in the USA
• #1 in Best Cheap Summer Vacations
• #1 in Best Adventure Vacations in the USA
• #2 in Best Places to Hike in North America

grand canyon national park
➢ Many Ways to Enjoy This place

Hiking is the most common activity that visitors participate in. Visit our guide for natural camping hacks here!
It is the best way to enjoy the exotic beauty of this amazing national park.
But there are many other options available for travelers who aren’t much of a hiker.
 Bike Tours
 Mule rides
 Helicopter flights

Once you’re tired, you can simply take a seat along the rim and enjoy the views as the colors of the canyon change as the day progresses.

➢ It’s a Photographers’ Paradise

To capture the most beautiful site is a dream of every photographer. If you want to live up to your dreams, visit this place as it is full of surprises for the photographers.

The photographers can have easy access to all the vantage points, tangerine sunset view, and beautiful river and last but not the least, hiking trails. It’s hard to decide where to go! A Grand Canyon helicopter tour can give you some truly amazing views.

As a photographer, when you arrive at the Grand Canyon you want to start capturing the immense beauty you see right away. You’ll take a shot, move forward and love this brand new angle and capture again.

➢ Amazing Facts

 The Grand Canyon has been formed over the last 6 million years.
 The Colorado River runs a 277-mile length of the Grand Canyon and drops about 2000 feet from one end of the canyon to the other.
 With the passage of time, this river in combination with other factors has carved out this majestic wonder.
 The river took 6 million years and carved out this glorious and majestic wonder.
 Research and studies show that the bottom layers of rock were formed 1.8 BILLION years ago when North America collided with an ancient chain of volcanic islands.
 The canyon is 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide, and up to 1 mile deep.
 Annually over 5 million tourists visit the most exotic Grand Canyon National Park.
 Grand Canyon is full of colors during spring and summer as approximately 650 types of wildflowers are found in Grand Canyon National Park.

grand canyon arizona

➢ Best Places in Grand Canyon

Travelers become awestruck at the sight of the Grand Canyon’s massive span of valleys, ridges and rock formations. So simply enjoying the sight from a variety of viewpoints is an activity that could take hours.

Hiking and rafting are the best way to enjoy the beauty of the canyon. Some of the best trails include the Bright Angel or Rim trails on the South Rim whereas rafting the striking Colorado River can be the most exciting adventure.

• Grand Canyon Village

This is the most popular entryway into the park, and it’s heavily crowded during the peak seasons in spring, summer, and fall.
It holds some of the best lookout points in the park, including Yavapai Point, which is one of the best places to view the canyon.

• Bright Angel Trail

For a unique Grand Canyon experience, consider traveling the Bright Angel Trail by mule. This steep trail which is more than six miles long one-way takes you to the river.
Riders are taken to Plateau Point and back on the same day, with a lunch break at Indian Garden.

• Rim Trail

The Rim Trail is one of the most popular and wide-ranged trails in Grand Canyon. It is one of the best ways to see the South Rim’s best attractions and viewpoints. In total, the Rim Trail stretches about 12 miles.
A shuttle bus service provides an easy access to the village and other points along the way.
Travelers enjoy the variety offered along the trail, from crowded tourist points to more desolate stretches that allow for an escape to nature.

• North Kaibab Trail

This track is the area’s premiere hike and it leads to the beautiful Colorado River. Spring and autumn are the best time to enjoy hiking the trail. During the summer, the journey gets difficult due to heat.

You’ll get to enjoy some of the best views in the park without the sweltering heat.

➢ Best Times to Visit Grand Canyon

From March through May and September through November is the best time to visit this beautiful place as daytime temperatures begin to cool and the crowds begin to thin.

So, if you’re planning a summer vacation this year, mark Grand Canyon a must to visit destination. As this amazingly beautiful place has so much to offer! But don’t forget to take your hiking essentials along, most importantly a good pair of lightweight hiking boots.

Author Bio: Shawn Michaels is a blogger who loves to write about his outdoor experiences. He is also a passionate rock climber and loves traveling. Currently, he is studying and spends his free time reading reviews and gear shopping! He regularly blogs at

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    Grand canyon is awesome!..I took the bus shuttle to tour the canyon. I will not particularly recommend the bus shuttle because the seats in the bus are quite low and you will have a hard time seeing through the windows as you will have to raise yourself up to get any view from when inside the bus. We didnt hike but there were places where people went for hiking too..
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