Finding Buddha: The Temples of Thailand

I’m constantly amazed by how much the Thais give. They’re always helping each other out, be it time, money, food, etc., but their giving nature is most visible when it comes to their beloved temples.

Thais don’t go to a temple without buying a flower and/or incense to aid them in praying to Buddha. Many will also pay to hear their horoscope, and several will add money to the donation boxes located throughout the elaborately decorated buildings. The money goes to help construct and refinish temples, but the Thais are also buying good fortune.

I know donating is present in every religion, but it’s hard to understand why people continue to give when they have nothing to begin with. Then again, I guess we all have our priorities.

I’ve donated to, photographed, prayed, and driven past more temples than I care to count, and one thing’s for certain, they’re all beautiful – a sign that the money does actually go to the right hands? Maybe.

I thought I’d share their beauty with you.



Finding Buddha: The Temples of Thailand


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