Cruising Around the World

Cruising Around the World

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If you are looking for an adventure for your next trip, but can’t decide which country or part of the world to go to, then why settle for just one location when you could visit a different city everyday?

If waking up somewhere new every morning sounds like something you would be interested in, then you might want to look into a cruise holiday.

The Bolsover Cruise Club offers a wide range of cruises from 7 nights in the Mediterranean, to 15 nights in Indonesia. The world really is your oyster when you’re aboard a cruise ship.

Not your grandparents’ cruise Cruising Around the World

When you hear the word ‘cruise’ you might have the image of a stuffy old cruise ship, with the only entertainment being a game of bridge or bingo.

But this is a thing of the past; the modern cruise ships have contemporary luxury interiors and plenty of activities to keep you entertained whilst you are sailing from city to city.

Bolsover Cruises allow you to experience the luxury of a high-end hotel whilst sailing the seas for a fraction of the price of a traditional holiday.

Tailor the trip for you

Cruising Around the World  

If living with a bit of style and luxury is your thing, then you can choose to jump aboard one of the larger cruise ships that Bolsover has to offer.

Or, if you want a holiday that offers you a bit more adventure and not just luxury, then you can hop on a smaller vessel that will take you to the hidden corners of the globe.

Bolsover Cruises offer an incredible range of Fly Cruises. They are a great way to see more distant destinations in a short pace of time, like the Middle East, USA and Caribbean. Fly Cruising is a great option for sun-seekers who prefer to hit the Sun Deck the moment they board the ship, instead of having to sail to the sun.


Cruising Around the World A cruise gives you the chance to tailor-make your perfect holiday with lots of itineraries to choose from. Covering six continents and calling into more than 300 ports and destinations around the world, you really have the world at your fingertips.

The rigid and highly-organized reputation that cruise ships get are now a thing of the past, you can tailor the trip by the day so you only do things you want to. Now is the time to venture out if you have never cruised before.

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