Medellin Colombia

My Colombia Motorcycle Tour in Video!

A view of Medellin, Colombia

I’m not sure I’ve been entirely fair in my representation of Colombia. Aside from my top 10 reasons why you should visit, which clearly states my love for the country, the other posts are filled with talk of how exhausting the tour was, how scary the fast curves were, and how lucky we are to have survived our motorcycle crash. The truth is that yes we crashed, yes we rode an average of eight hours nearly every day, rain or shine, yes we spent hours fixing the bikes (well, I watched ;-), yes we were low on energy and sleep and we wished we could have stayed in some of the locations for much, much longer…but my overall impression of Colombia was rather unreal.

We met some of the friendliest locals, expats and travelers around, including a fisherman in Honda who told us about his life. We stayed in luxury resorts, Spanish villas, and modest hotels. We ate deliciously home-cooked meals (maybe a few too many!), including fried platano. We drank locally made aquardiente (yuck!) and locally grown coffee. We soaked up the sun, and the rain. We drank a beer in plastic chairs on a rocky riverside. We saw Bogota and Medellin from above. We traveled through cities and up mountain roads, visited quaint country villages. We rode above the clouds. We marveled at the countryside daily, be it the seemingly endless Andes Mountains or the waves crashing upon the sandy shore. The panoramic views ceased to end.

Colombia South America

Colombia Motorcycle Tour

Just a pit stop to fix the rear tire. That thing’s kind of important.


And we wouldn’t have been able to do all of that in a short three weeks if not for our wonderful tour guide, Mikkel from Motolombia Tours.

If you want to share in some of the fun, watch this video of our 16-day All Paved Colombia Motorcycle Tour with Motolombia. Our friend and tour mate, Tim Cox, put this together, and I can’t thank him enough for letting me share it with you all. Skip the first five minutes to get to Colombia, unless you’re interested in watching Tim party it up in Cancun, Mexico!

This video takes you down crammed city streets, open freeways, one-lane mountain roads. Toward the end it shows a good glimpse of just how close one is to the pavement on a winding road!

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