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My New Hut

I bet my landlord is better than yours. Would yours come to visit in the afternoon, just to say hello and maybe teach you a little Thai while you help […]

Am I Fat?

“You fat,” Teacher Lanpoon told me after I took a second helping of coconut candy, a specialty treat from one of the girls who recently visited Chiang Khan. “I’m what?” […]

Hairy Legs

A friend once posed a question I couldn’t confidently answer until now. Josh, the goofball husband of Newly Domestic blogger, asked this: “If you found yourself in a culture or […]

The Wednesday Market

When I first came to Suwannaphum, I couldn’t understand the excitement over the Wednesday market. People wait for the middle of the week to roll around so they can buy […]

I feel like a celebrity when…

-students part ways, separating a path like water around an island, so I can walk through. -students “sneak” photographs of me on their phones while I’m teaching. -random locals shout […]

Karma in Thailand

I think Thailand is rubbing off on me. Or maybe it’s Mary Karr’s memoir, Lit, which I just finished reading, but I’ve recently found myself remaining ultra calm in frenzied […]

Dressing for a Wedding in Thailand

I had a Cameron Diaz moment. Finding a dress for last weekend’s wedding had me feeling like her character in The Sweetest Thing. In true procrastinator form, I waited until […]

Monks & Monkeys

I used to beg my parents for a pet monkey. I had it all figured out. I would build a cage (and by I, I meant my Dad of course) […]

Life in Northeast Thailand: In Darkness, There’s…Sleep.

I was standing in the bathroom, prepared to enjoy a nice, long, hot shower. My landlord installed the heater while I was out of town over the weekend, and it’s […]

My Thai Pad

I’m sitting at my Singer sewing table, eating a breakfast of my usual fruit and toast. I imagined myself eating fresh mango every morning, but it turns out I wake […]

The Village Life

On Sunday, Teacher Pussadee invited me to her home village, Ban Mueng, to spend the day with her and her family, doing what typical Thai’s do: eat, sit around, eat, […]

I’m a Celebrity in Thailand

I’ve just returned from my second Thai wedding, and this time “Photo Shoot With The Foreigner” lasted about 30 minutes. I think I was in more pictures than the bride […]

Thailand Wedding

Loved, Lucky & Spoiled

Today was full of good surprises. Pidow, my Thai mother, invited me to be her date at the wedding of a fellow teacher’s son. When I heard loud laughter, blaring […]


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