Koh Kood Thailand

2013 Capture the Colour Photo Contest

A fishing village on Koh Kood, Thailand.

This is my entry into the Capture the Colour Photo Contest host by Travel Supermarket. I’ve been nominated by James at Fly, Icarus, Fly, and Tony and Steph at 20 years Hence. The goal is to publish a photo that best represents each of the following colors: green, yellow, white, blue and red. 


My friend, Autumn, and I were on the lookout for a moose during the three days we spent around Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. We were lucky to see a bear on our first morning while strolling down a curvy, two-lane highway, but thought our luck had run dry until we pulled into a mini-mart for a coffee pick me up and found this guy crossing the road in front of us. “Moose!” I shouted at the first sight of an animal larger than my car, but it wasn’t a moose. It was a bull elk, and we felt just as lucky to see him in such an unlikely place.


Koh Kood Thailand

Swimming in the bright sunset on Koh Kood, Thailand.

I spent a glorious two weeks on my favorite Thai island, Koh Kood, capturing a varied and beautiful sunset each night from a short stroll to the water’s edge from my small, bamboo hut. I particularly love the composition of this one, the dusk swimmers captured in the tree swing I sat on just hours before. The water was bathwater warm, even at this time of night, and this photo swings me back to paradise each time I look at it.


Desert Village in India

A village man we encountered on a camel trek through the desert outside Jaisalmer, India.

Just outside the Rajasthan town of Jaisalmer by camel back, our tour group stopped in this village for a quick break and to buy some dessert from the locals. I walked around with my camera, in awe of the mud huts, the handmade walls, the simplicity of life out here in the desert. This man in white never even looked my way, so used to tourists in his village he was, and I thought it the perfect time to snap him in his natural habitat.


Koh Kood Thailand

A fishing village on Koh Kood, Thailand.

Another shot from Koh Kood (I really couldn’t get enough of this island) is the fishing village on the north end I encountered by motorbike. From the highway lookout high above, the colors and clouds seemed to illuminate a dreamy feeling above the colorful, stick-built homes on the water.


Indian Bride in Varanasi India

The Indian bride non her wedding day in Varanasi, India

I was fortunate to attend a wedding in Varanasi, India, where brides traditionally wear red sarees with gold jewelry. She was stunning in her garb, though uncomfortable I’m sure. Her hands were detailed in the most intricate henna pattern, her arms covered in gold bangles. Every inch was decorated and perfectly in place.


The deadline for this contest is tomorrow, October 9, but I’d like to nominate the following people to enter for a chance to win some great prizes: Kristian of Kristian Bertel Photography, Edna of Expat Edna, Nicole of Third Eye Mom, Karisa of Karisa Abroad, and Megan at Mapping Megan. 

2013 Capture the Colour Photo Contest
Written by:Jessica J. Hill


Here are some amazing entries for the contest:


  1. Edna says:

    I especially like the shades of red in the bride’s makeup — she looks so ornate. Thanks for the tag!

  2. Karisa says:

    I really love the wedding photo!! I loved reading that post too 🙂 What a beautiful and unique experience. <3

    PS Thanks for the nomination!!

  3. Tammy Barrett says:

    Thanks for the beautiful colors Jessica. Very nice. Happy fall.

  4. Casey says:

    Love the “yellow” picture! Looks super serene, and definitely makes me want to head to Thailand ASAP. Good luck in the contest!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Great selection! I especially love your red photo. What a great capture! The bride just looks so intricate and I can only imagine even more beautiful in person.

  6. I love the yellow Pic the most. Beautiful sun setting. I remember doing this contest last year and how much fun it was to find your favourite photos! Good luck 🙂

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