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9 Best Teaching English Abroad Blogs

It all started with teaching English abroad: this blog, my endless desire to see the world, my current business. I remember I was sitting up nights in my bed in Bend, Oregon, getting lost in the Google-sphere, sure the world had more in store for me but unsure of how to obtain it, or where to start.

I knew I wanted to travel and to write. The missing link was how to pay for such desires.

Then I remembered some friends in college who had taken online TEFL certification courses with goals of teaching English abroad (even though most of them never did it). I began looking into it, and feeling lost all the while. One page led to another, and I wanted to see the whole globe — how does one ever choose?

Before I settled on Thailand, I searched long and hard for pre-established blogs; for those people who had seen the world by teaching English abroad and documented their experiences in the world wide web. But it was impossibly hard to find them.

Now that I’ve done it, I realize it was difficult to find the teaching English abroad blogs because most of them don’t come up in a search for “best blogs about teaching English abroad.” The reason is mimicked by the actual journey — teaching abroad leads to many, many other adventures, and those are blog-worthy, too.

So, I’ve scoured the web (and my connections) to create a list of the best teaching English abroad blogs (and sometimes their other experiences, too).

Adventures Around Asia

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China! China! China! If you want to teach English abroad in China, start here, with Richelle. She’s been living in China for over four years and doesn’t plan on going home any time soon. She writes about both her teaching experiences, and exploring the off-beaten paths around Asia. In fact, Richelle is so in-the-know about teaching in China, she’s created her own (FREE!) mini-course where you can learn all about it.


How to Find a Job Teaching in China

Confessions of an ESL Teacher in China

Christine Hayes

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Christine is a 23-year-old who left a job writing marketing content to move across the world. She made the decision to leave everything she knew behind in New England and get a job teaching English in Thailand. She blogs about her experiences on her personal blog, and is also a frequent contributor to the Teach English: ESL blog. 


A Non-Teacher’s Thai Teaching Experience: Week 1

America Ain’t Gonna Thai Me Down

On Mental Illness, Medication and Moving Abroad

 Curiosity Travels

Best Teaching English Abroad Blogs

Jessica Wray is a 27 year old native San Diegan and self described “chronic over-thinker, caffeine addict, spicy food lover and serial expat.” Her blog began when she first started teaching English in South Korea, and has continued through her ESL experiences in Spain and travels to 40 other countries, most of which she visited independently and on a [teaching] budget.


Teaching in Korea in Depth: The Pros and Cons and What You Need to Know

How to Know if Teaching in Spain is Right for You

Exploring New Grounds

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Lina is a 24-year-old with a long list of teaching accomplishments. She’s taught second grade on the island of Roatan, worked for Americorp in California, USA and has taught through a paid volunteer program in Colombia. While her experiences are large, her documentation is brief but it offers a good glimpse into her first few days with SENA (the national training institute) in Colombia.


Three quick blogs about Teaching English in Colombia 

GoAbroad Blog

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The original database for all things meaningful travel, GoAbroad focuses on study abroad, internships abroad, teaching abroad and more with an easily navigable site and some really useful information categorized per country and by type of transition abroad. All of the articles are written by people who’ve been there and done it.


11 Things You Should Know Before Teaching English in Spain

Why Thailand is Ideal for Teaching English Abroad

4 Things I Learned Abroad as a Non-Native Speaker

GoOverseas Blog

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Another giant database for all meaningful experiences overseas — from volunteering and studying to interning and teaching — GoOveseas has programs, reviews and a very large blog full of personal experience and helpful articles for any country you could dream of teaching in.


The 9 Highest Paying Countries Where You Can Teach Abroad

Expert Interview: What’s it Like Teaching English Abroad? 

7 Insider Tips for Teaching English in Thailand

Jimmy ESL

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Jimmy ESL is a smorgasbord of great information about teaching English abroad, most of which is written by teachers who have experienced it but didn’t want to go through the work of starting their own blogs. Whether you want the detailed scoop on what it’s like to teach abroad in Japan, China, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, India and more…you’ll find it here! You can also search for jobs and find great worksheets to help you in the classroom.


The Insider’s Look at Teaching English in Thailand 

Teaching ESL in India: What You Need to Know

globalU Blog

Most of you know I started an online TEFL agency as a result of this very blog, and it has it’s own separate blog for all things related to teaching English abroad. It’s a wealth of information by writers with personal experience teaching in Thailand, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Guatemala, Peru and Online. 


11 Best Places for TEFL Jobs in 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best TEFL Course for You

8 (Amazing) Reasons to Teach English in Costa Rica

The Wayfarer’s Book

teach english abroad blogs

Native New Yorker, Amy Butler has been traveling for as long as she can remember, starting with long car rides to visit Grandma. She’s been nearly everywhere it seems, from Cuba and Costa Rica to Laos, Indonesia, Turkey and Russia, but now she’s living and writing about her teaching experiences in Kiev, Ukraine.


Why I’m Moving to Kiev to Teach English

5 Reasons to Get a CELTA to Teach Abroad

MissAdventure Travel

And of course, as I mentioned above, MissAdventure Travel began as a way to document my own experiences with teaching English abroad in Thailand and, later, China. Here are some highlights for easy clicking:

Facing Your Fears: On Deciding to Teach English Abroad

Teaching English in Thailand

I’m Going to China!


best teaching english abroad blogs


  1. Thanks for this list, I’m excited to check out these blogs! I have been looking for other ESL teachers who are doing what I do- teaching and writing about it, but have found the same frustrating issues as you did- the search is not always easy! I’m excited to read more about your adventures.
    Jennifer Wynands recently posted…The frustrations of an online lifestyleMy Profile

  2. Lori says:


    I am an art and technology teacher at a Catholic school in Forest Hills, NY(grades K-8). Do any of these companies that hire ESL teachers hire for other positions such as art or technology? Thanks and really enjoy your blog.

  3. Monika says:

    The teacher blogs are so inspiring! I wonder how long it took them to set their blogs up and get the ball rolling in terms of visitors and steady content publishing routine etc. The blog about Thailand is enough to give some instant FOMO!

  4. Great list of excellent ESL blogs. I have one myself, baztefl.com, and have been writing a few years now. Going to browse all these blogs tomorrow.


    Barry O’Leary

  5. Nick says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog. But sometimes there are not even requirements at all. In my case when I went to Brazil to teach English, it was quite easy to get a job at a school or even teach private classes. You just basically needed to be fluent and/or native speaker. I had an amazing experience in Brazil. I want to share this course with people that I think will really help as it helped me a lot.

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