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things to do in Bend

9 Things to Do in Bend, Oregon

In a city that’s growing faster than most people like to admit, a popular phrase is “stop telling people about Bend!” Bendites are going to hate me for writing this […]

Taj Mahal Agra India

Traveling to India? How to Apply for an India Tourist Visa Online

How to Apply for an India Tourist Visa Online When people ask me which is my favorite country of the ones I’ve visited, I usually say that I have different countries for […]

picket butte fire lookout

A Nearly Endless Adventure to Picket Butte Fire Lookout

When I learned that the forest service rents out their fire lookouts during the offseason, I imagined a room with a 360-degree view of uninterrupted forest. With the Picket Butte […]

overcome your fears

3 Simple Steps to Facing Your Fears

We all have fear, be it a fear of summiting your first mountain, fear of teaching English abroad, fear of taking your first solo trip abroad, fear of camping alone. […]


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