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A White (Sand) Christmas in Koh Chang, Thailand

My plan for Christmas was to forget it was Christmas. Let’s face it: It’s simply not Christmas without family and snow, or at least cold weather and hot chocolate. So […]

Christmas in Thailand

On December 22, the day before I was to leave for the beach, our English department hosted an all-day show. When it comes to entertainment, the Thais don’t mess around. The […]

Paper Politics in Thailand

Teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites, I know, but if all of my classes could be like my Matyam 2/1, they would all be my favorite. I call this my […]

Loy Krathong

“Do you feel like the king and queen?” I asked Jon Watkins, the other foreign English teacher at my high school in Suwannaphum, Thailand. We thought we had missed celebrating […]

Karma in Thailand

I think Thailand is rubbing off on me. Or maybe it’s Mary Karr’s memoir, Lit, which I just finished reading, but I’ve recently found myself remaining ultra calm in frenzied […]


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