10 Reasons I Can’t Wait to be Back in Asia

1. The humidity does great things for my natural curls.

2. I can wander around alone and lost and still get inspired.

3. The wonderful hospitality and curiosity of the locals.

4. Street-side convenience from a pedicure to dinner.

5. I can go to work with no makeup and my students will still tell me I’m beautiful.

6. The colors, noises, smells (not all good) are so vibrant it makes writing about them easy.

7. I can afford to live alone.

8. I can eat a delicious and filling meal for $1 USD.

9. I can take a weekend trip or do something adventurous (like rock climbing in Krabi) for minimal money.

10. A new experience – a new challenge – will keep me on my toes and always learning.

For those of you who didn’t read “I’m Going to China,” or those who saw my (brief) Facebook dilemma about a second job offer in Honduras, I am in fact returning to Asia – to the Huadu district of the Southeastern province of Guangdong, where I’ll be 75 miles from Hong Kong (speaking of those affordable weekend getaways…). And I’m already on my way.

Im currently at PDX, in the beginning stages of a 30-hour journey (I bought the cheap ticket that I’ll kick myself for a little later) to my next adventure. Of course it’s always hard to leave home (I definitely shed a few tears when I hugged everyone goodbye), especially when I face at least 10 months away, but the closer I get, the more excited I become.

So, goodbye Oregon, family, friends, puppies. I miss you all already. Until we meet again.

Who’s coming to visit???


  1. Kris Rerat says:

    Oh my gosh Jessica!! I love your explorative spirit and wish you all the best on this next leg of your traveling/living experience. Your blogs are so well-written and I relish reading each one. In fact, I file them together and occasionally re-read one to be transported vicariously to the exotic places you’ve been! Keeping you in my thoughts, Jess … safe travels and take care!
    Love, Kris Rerat

    • jessicajhill says:

      Thanks so much, Kris. It was so great to see you guys and catch up (briefly) this summer. Maybe the whole family can come over to China for a little visit?!

      It means a lot that you read (and reread) my blogs. Thank you!

  2. Rachell Hughes says:

    Good luck and have a great 10 months. Prayers for a safe journey!!

  3. Lani says:

    Safe travels! Looking forward to reading about your next adventure 🙂

  4. Nguyen Helen says:

    A nice post! Thanks for sharing with us.

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