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10 Interesting Things to do in Cyprus

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10 Interesting Things to do in Cyprus

The enticing European island of Cyprus is definitely a destination that should find its way on to everyone’s bucket list! Known for the Cypriot hospitality and delicious cuisine, Cyprus is like a hidden gem. Beyond it’s sun-drenched climate, Mediterranean good looks and rich culture, it is steeped in myth and ancient riches.

Here are 10 fun and interesting things to do in Cyprus:

1. Visit the Larnaca Medieval Castle

things to do in cyprus

Located on the edge of Larnaca’s seaside promenade, this Ottoman era fort is believed to have been originally built in 1625 in order to protect the city. Today, standing proud, it beautifully welcomes you at the southern edge of town and offers a stunning view of the beach and Larnaca from above, upon climbing onto the ramparts. It is also home to the city’s small yet treasure-full Medieval Museum where a weaponry collection is exhibited along with some great photographs of medieval fortifications around Cyprus.

2. Admire the Mosaics of Paphos

things to do in cyprus

Upon visiting Paphos, you will discover that historic treasures are hidden everywhere. Consider the fact that the Romans not only contributed to the wealth of the town, they also shaped it architecturally and culturally. The ancient floor mosaics located in the Kato Paphos region, are extremely appraised since they are considered among the finest worldwide. Their discovery was made quite recently (in the 1960’s) and the mosaics that have lived until today consist of houses from different eras within the Hellenistic period up until the Byzantine era.

3. Give your taste buds a surprise with the Cypriot cuisine

things to do in cyprus

The pleasantly old-fashioned village of Omodos is definitely a must see. An enchanting maze of cobblestone streets and alleyways all filled with the spirit of Cypriot culture, warm-hearted people and beautiful colors; all waiting for you to explore. After the wandering is done, take the time to taste the main native dish which is Mezze, at the loveliest restaurant ‘Stou Kir Yianni’. Mezze is in general a feast consisting of small Cypriot dishes that make up a meal, from creamy tahini to mouth-watering kebabs and anything in between. Don’t forget the dessert! That will keep you coming back for more.

4. Go on an adventure at Cape Greco

things to do in cyprus

An oasis of tranquility awaits for anyone visiting this National Forest Park as the stunning view of the coast can take anyone’s breath away. It is an amazing place for travelers, granting them the opportunity to enjoy swimming in the crystal waters, diving within the underwater sea caves, as well as climbing. Staircases are also available at various spots, making it available for any able body to go on an adventure and explore the sea caves or climb onto the rock platforms to jump in the endless blue waters of Cape Greco.

5. Take a stroll around St. Lazarus Church

things to do in cyprus

Built by the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI in the late 9th century, the church of Saint Lazarus is truly one of the most remarkable examples of Byzantine architecture on the island. Situated in its own square within the center of the town, it lies right on top of the tomb of Saint Lazarus of Bethany. A stroll around the church during the evening can really make up a relaxing afternoon consisting of finding out more about this magnificent Saint’s story, as well as enjoying a genuine Cypriot coffee nearby at the ‘Lazaris’ local coffee house.

6. Enjoy the Molos at Limassol

things to do in cyprus

Though Limassol is second largest city in Cyprus, it is also a beautiful and inviting city to explore. Among it’s many attractions, the Molos seafront truly encapsulates Cyprus’s tropical climate as the sky high palm trees become immersed within the clear blue, vivid sky. Thus; it is the ideal place for an everyday walk through the magnificent green-full walkways, giving you the opportunity to admire all the exquisite sculptures that appear along the way, made from Greek-Cypriots and international artists.

7. Become enchanted with Adonis’ Baths waterfalls

things to do in cyprus

According to Greek Mythology, Adonis baths was where Aphrodite and Adonis spent most of their time together. Today, it is one of the most gorgeous areas in Cyprus, known to draw in travelers from around the world, just for them to get a glimpse of how enchanting this place is. The stunning emerald green trees that enclose the baths from around make it seem like an ideally romantic and mystical cave. This magical jungle pool is indefinitely one to visit.

8. Enjoy a fresh fish mezze in Zygi

things to do in cyprus

Although a small marina lies in Zygi, it remains one of Cyprus’s most charming places to visit as it has kept its traditional Cypriot style as much as it could. With a very pleasant promenade, it provides the perfect opportunity to walk off some calories after filling your taste-buds with the most mouth-watering fresh fish. Anyone visiting this lovely village is in for a treat as many claim it is the best fish they’ve ever had!

9. Admire the Cyprus historic & classic motor museum

things to do in cyprus

Comprised of the personal car collection of veteran champion of international and Cypriot rally competitions, the Cyprus Historic and Classic Motor Museum was founded by Mr Dimi Mavropoulos. He created it especially for displaying the stunning collection, one that truly is admirable and worth visiting. Through the museum, the cultural importance of the automobile industry is highlighted and vehicles of sentimental value to the Cypriot culture are also exhibited. That includes the armored presidential Cadillac, donated by the US government and built especially President Makarios III in 1977.

10. Have a splash at the Waterworld Waterpark

things to do in cyprus

Being is the largest themed waterpark in Europe, Waterworld waterpark opened it’s doors in 1996 immersed in the theme of Greek mythology. With 25 International awards in its pocket and over 4.5 million guests who have visited the park, it is one of Cyprus’s biggest attractions and most entertaining destinations for a waterpark lover. Upon visitation, 21 thrilling rides for all ages, which are titled after mythological characters, await each guest, ready to take their adrenaline to whole new levels. Memories are wonderful to hold on to, and this park truly grants its guests with enticing stories to tell later on.

Are you going to Cyprus? Let us know in the comments which of these things appeal to you!


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