Become a Digital Nomad: Make Money While Traveling Full Time

become a digital nomad

Becoming a digital nomad is a dream for many people. It’s hard not to like the idea of total freedom to live and work wherever in the world takes your […]

Top 5 Global Hikes (slightly off the beaten path) for the Adventure Seeker

hike Chiang Dao Mountain

In my corner of the world, Summer is beginning to poke it’s head around the curtain and already I can sense the changing energy of the place around me. Days […]

Top 5 Reasons to Teach English in China

China is a vast and impressive country, and is the leading cultural hotspot within Asia. You would never have any shortage of things to do there, travel-wise and concerning your […]

4 Small Choices That Totally Changed My Life

small choices changed life

Cally Duncan is a fellow adventurer, risk taker and heart follower. She grew up in a small farming town (me, too!), has lived abroad (check!), and came to the conclusion […]

Inflatable Paddle Boards — The Ultimate Piece of Gear for Adventure Travelers?

Since the sun has decided to warm us up these past couple of days, I find myself looking forward to longer days filled with warmth and outdoor adventure. Last summer […]

How to Start Teaching English Online and Traveling Full-time

This post was provided by Nic, an online English teacher house sitting her way across the world. She is into food trucks, bullet journaling, and all things guacamole. For more […]

Types of Schools You Can Teach at in China — from Kindergarten to University

types of schools you can teach at in china

I used to teach English in China, at a private university in the Guangdong province (pictured above) where my students were kind and made me laugh on a continual basis. Now […]

Guide to Rock Climbing in Thailand — Krabi & Chiang Mai

rock climbing thailand

The first time I ever went rock climbing was in Thailand. It was my 25th birthday, and my friend Nicole was visiting me on school break (I was an ESL […]

Hike Chiang Dao Mountain in Northern Thailand

hike chiang dao mountain

I’m recently back from Thailand….again! It seems every time I return to Thailand I find a new favorite place I’ve never heard of. Last time I was there, two years […]

11 Best Travel Hacks to Save You Money

cheap flights travel hacks save money

11 Best Travel Hacks to Save You Money When I first moved to Thailand to teach English, I did so on a very tight budget. I arrived with $500 to […]

I’m Going Back to Thailand!


My wanderlust is at an all-time high. The other day, while I was questioning my anxiety — that which comes with my desire to leave, like, yesterday — it hit […]

4 Important Tips for Traveling to China for the First Time

traveling to china

This is a guest post. I strive to only publish quality content from contributors, and will not publish anything I don’t agree with or do not think you, my readers, will enjoy. […]

A Total Solar Eclipse from Strawberry Mountain, Oregon

total solar eclipse 2017

When news of the 2017 total solar eclipse first hit mainstream media in Oregon, it spoke of people flying from as far as China and Japan to our little known […]

Good Vibes in Denali National Park Alaska

Denali Mountain Alaska Mt McKinley

Good Vibes in Denali National Park Alaska I’ve often wished a sunset in hues of burning orange or wispy pink would last just a little bit longer before dropping over […]


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