the malecon in havana Cuba
The malecon in Havana, Cuba
Havana Cuba
1950s cars in Havana, Cuba
Golden Gate Bridge
Where will you go?

The Most Beautiful Place in Cuba

beaches in baracoa cuba

I was running out of money in Cuba much quicker than expected and, being American, I couldn’t access more. I knew that I shouldn’t try to cross the entire island […]

Stranded Roadside in Cuba: A Hitchhiking Adventure

cuba taxi

In my previous post, I wrote about all things cool in Havana, including the classic 1950s American cars that color every city road in hues of blue and green and […]

Havana, Cuba in Images

the malecon in havana Cuba

“Beautiful” and “dilapidated” are the words that come to mind when I describe Havana, the capital city of Cuba. The paint on the buildings is crumbling and exteriors are falling […]

Is it Legal to Go to Cuba?

Havana Cuba

I’ve never much liked being told no. Telling me not to do something almost always makes me want to do it more. And so it was with Cuba. Most of […]

Guest Post: Visit Chinatown in New York City

chinatown in new york city

This post is brought to you in collaboration with one of our partners. I strive to only publish quality content from contributors, and will not publish anything I don’t agree with […]

The Other Side of Fear: What’s Next?

A highway in Central Oregon.

I recently read my writing out loud, to a crowd of people, in a room more suited for an Italian orchestra than a Master of Arts Thesis Reading. I stood […]

Guest Post: Five Unusual Accommodations in Mongolia

mongolian yurt

Mongolia itself is an unusual country. It’s a country that is roughly the same size as Western Europe, with a population of only about three million. Between one-third to two-thirds […]

New Year Resolutions!

Golden Gate Bridge

When I teach composition, I tell my students how important it is to reflect on their work before moving on to the next project. Though we all strive to live […]

9 Things I Love About Northern Colorado in Photos

Lake Agnes, Colorado

With the change of every season, I get a rush of excitement. While others mourn the loss of sunny days and warm weather, I try to stay positive about the […]

My New Affinity for Rock Climbing

climbing colorado

The first rock I ever climbed was as tall as some of Bangkok’s skyscrapers, a limestone pillar jutting out of Thailand’s western shore, overlooking the turquoise sea. I was playing […]

How This Blog Started a Business: Teach English: ESL

Teach in Thailand

One year ago, I started a business. It was a direct result of this blog. While I was still teaching English in China and Thailand, I received weekly emails requesting […]

My First Solo Camping (Mis)Adventure at The Great Salt Lake

Antelope Island Great Salt Lake

I’m a terrible planner. In fact, I hate planning, though many times in transit I kick myself for not knowing where I’m headed next. It was dark when I arrived in Salt […]

I Suck at Quitting: A Road Trip to Oregon

Road Tripping

Like a bad habit I can’t quit, I’m headed home for harvest once again. I believe I began getting paid for field work when I was eight years old, which […]

On Sleeping with Strangers:

Couchsurfing in India

I know the idea of sleeping with strangers freaks many people out, but one of the reasons I was excited to move to Colorado and “settle in” for a couple […]


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