Golden Gate Bridge
Where will you go?
Antelope Island Great Salt Lake
Antelope Island on The Great Salt Lake

The Other Side of Fear: What’s Next?

A highway in Central Oregon.

I recently read my writing out loud, to a crowd of people, in a room more suited for an Italian orchestra than a Master of Arts Thesis Reading. I stood […]

Five Unusual Accommodations in Mongolia

mongolian yurt

Mongolia itself is an unusual country. It’s a country that is roughly the same size as Western Europe, with a population of only about three million. Between one-third to two-thirds […]

New Year Resolutions!

Golden Gate Bridge

When I teach composition, I tell my students how important it is to reflect on their work before moving on to the next project. Though we all strive to live […]

9 Things I Love About Northern Colorado in Photos

Lake Agnes, Colorado

With the change of every season, I get a rush of excitement. While others mourn the loss of sunny days and warm weather, I try to stay positive about the […]

My New Affinity for Rock Climbing

climbing colorado

The first rock I ever climbed was as tall as some of Bangkok’s skyscrapers, a limestone pillar jutting out of Thailand’s western shore, overlooking the turquoise sea. I was playing […]

How This Blog Started a Business: Teach English: ESL

Teach in Thailand

One year ago, I started a business. It was a direct result of this blog. While I was still teaching English in China and Thailand, I received weekly emails requesting […]

My First Solo Camping (Mis)Adventure at The Great Salt Lake

Antelope Island Great Salt Lake

I’m a terrible planner. In fact, I hate planning, though many times in transit I kick myself for not knowing where I’m headed next. It was dark when I arrived in Salt […]

I Suck at Quitting: A Road Trip to Oregon

Road Tripping

Like a bad habit I can’t quit, I’m headed home for harvest once again. I believe I began getting paid for field work when I was eight years old, which […]

On Sleeping with Strangers:

Couchsurfing in India

I know the idea of sleeping with strangers freaks many people out, but one of the reasons I was excited to move to Colorado and “settle in” for a couple […]

Facing Your Fears: On Deciding to Teach English Abroad

Chinese Halloween teaching ESL in China

“People underestimate their capacity for change. There is never a right time to do a difficult thing.” ~John Porter The conversation about how to make decisions has come up quite a lot […]

Why I’m Not a 20-Year-Old Boy: On Quitting Rafting

whitewater rafting Colorado

On Quitting Rafting Remember how excited I was to be a whitewater raft guide this summer? Yeah, me too. But those days are no longer. I admit I struggled during […]

I Successfully Hiked My First of Colorado’s Fourteeners!

View from Mount Bierstadt

I Hiked My First Colorado Fourteener! Hiking a mountain of 14,000 feet in elevation seems to be something of a rite of passage for those who live in Colorado. These […]

The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

Palace of Fine Arts

The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco Imagine a structure inspired by Roman and Greek architecture, standing proud in the middle of San Francisco. I was staying with a close friend […]

San Francisco Love

Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco Love Letter Dear, San Francisco. We first met back in 2004, when I considered spending a few years of my college career with you. I remember crossing the […]


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